How to make a soft boiled egg in the air fryer |

2022-11-14 09:26:36 By : Ms. Ruby Liu

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Jackie Hartlaub is a content creator who has gained a huge following thanks to her low-carb recipes. She has a massive 6.6M followers on her TikTok account @lowcarbstateofmind. Steam Vacuum

How to make a soft boiled egg in the air fryer |

The foodie is also the author of her own 65-recipe e-book Low Carb State of Mind, and also posts on her Instagram account @lowcarbstateofmind, where she has 750K followers on her YouTube account.

She recently detailed how she makes the perfect soft boiled eggs in her air fryer.

Jackie uses an Instant Vortex air fryer, similar to the Instant 6-in-1 Vortex Plus 5.7L Air Fryer. 

Jackie told her followers: "I love a good soft boiled egg. If you don't know what they are, it's just a hard boiled egg but the yolk is still really runny and soft."

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So how does Jackie make the delicious-looking treats? The recipe looks incredibly simple.

She said: "I just take some room temperature eggs, pop them in the air fryer at 275F (130C) for 10 or 11 minutes.

"Then they must go in an ice bath for at least five minutes and then they're going be really easy to peel.

"I just use a spoon to do that. And then I just like to cut mine in half and top them with some salt."

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TikTok users praised the simple recipe in the comments. One, Jenny, wrote: "I never thought of using the air fryer."

"Game changer," Brianna Ottati said, "These were sooo good!" Toni wrote: "My favorite way to make soft boiled eggs!"

Nafisa said: "Just tried this and it is 100 percent the best egg I've had."

"Try them with everything bagel seasoning. It just takes on a whole new level," Mike said.

Another user, who goes by Lady Pennington, said: "I love mine with a splash of soy sauce."

If it's fried eggs on the menu today, why not try Gordon Ramsay's perfect fried egg recipe.  The chef posted it to his 34.8M followers on his TikTok account. The video demonstrates a delicious butter hack to perfect the eggs.

Once the eggs were cooked about halfway through, Gordon added butter around the sides of the pan.

He said: "Just get that little bit of butter on the side, you'll see that frothing up. Literally, getting that nice yolk beautifully cooked.

"As that butter starts to froth," Gordon explained, "it cooks the top of the egg. It's a really nice way of finishing it."

How to make a soft boiled egg in the air fryer |

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